Public Training Terms of Entry

For more information on the latest COVID-19 restrictions visit Queensland Health’s website. 

Thank you for continuing to help us be COVID Safe.

Public Training Daily Timetable (click here)


To keep our patrons safe, staggered session start and finish times will be in place as detailed below. You will be required to strictly adhere to your session start and end time in order to minimise contact between sessions.
All patrons who enter the facility, are required to register their contact details via the EVA Check-In QR codes. This includes all coaches, parents, athletes and children.

New rules for public training – things are a little different

  • Overall Training numbers are capped to our approved COVID-safe capacity per training session and once reached there can be no additional entries for that training session.

  • Car parking and drop off for all athletes, coaches and parents is located in Car Park 3 only.
  • Athletes will be required to remain well away from the entrance to the facility until five (5) minutes prior to the start of their session, practicing social distancing at all times.
  • All individuals entering the State Athletics Facility and Main Stadium are required to utilise the hand sanitiser stations on entry and exit.
  • Standard training fees apply and we are cashless, with a preference for tap and go.
  • We are accepting our multiple use passes and if your expiry date has passed we will still be accepting them for entry. Get in. Train. Get out. Please arrive prepared for training. Toilet facilities will be available; however, they are not intended to be used as a changing facility. Car park 3 shower facilities will be closed.
  • Parents and guardians are able to attend, however they must enter their contact details as they are included in our total numbers. Parents and guardians are not required to pay for the session. All attendees must respect social distancing at all times, while 1.5m is the minimum, 2m to 3m is better when athletes are breathing heavily.




Athletics equipment use restrictions:

  • No sharing of personal equipment is permitted.

  • Please ensure to sanitise your equipment before and after use.

  • Long jump pits may now be used for full jumps if the landing zone is raked after each jump

    • Rake must be wiped down using the provided disinfectant spray and wipes before and after use

    • Rake must be returned to storage location at the end of the session

  • Venue supplied hurdles may be used in a limited way:

    • No sharing, that is only 1 person may touch/use the hurdles

    • Hurdles must be wiped down using the provided disinfectant spray and wipes before and after use

    • Hurdles must be returned to the storage location at the end of the session

  • The Southern cage is only available for hammer use

  • The Northern cage is only available for discuss use


Remember this is not forever
We understand these restrictions are not ideal for everyone and that you may not be able to gain access to QSAC as much as you would like.
However remember this is not forever and everyone is in the same boat! We appreciate your patience during these times and hope to see you back on the track soon.



Yes, normal training fees apply. These remain $5.00 per person inclusive of GST
These must be paid by contactless payment methods as NO CASH is accepted at this time

We are also accepting the multi-pass cards.

Large groups or squads looking to make group bookings should contact QSAC on 07 3405 7511 or by email

All patrons must provide their contact details via the EVA Check-In QR codes on entry. This includes athletes, parents, guardians, coaches and children.

This information is being collected for contact tracing purposes.

Yes, parents and guardians are able to attend public training session however they must enter their contact details as they are included in our total for capacity purposes.

Parents and guardians are not required to pay on entry for the session.

Water bubblers are for re-filling water bottles only. For your personal safety as well as the safety of other athletes please do not drink directly from our water bubblers.

 Our team is operating in accordance with COVID-19 Health Directives and our approved Site Specific COVID Safe Plan.

We are undertaking increased cleaning of equipment and amenities, providing separate entry and exit lanes, providing hand sanitizer on entry and exit, and displaying a range of health precaution signage through our facilities.

As well as these additional precautions, activities which are unable to be undertaken without equipment sharing will not be permitted i.e. high jump and pole vault; and other activities such as hurdles and long jump are restricted.

As QSAC public training is outdoors, there is no requirement to wear a mask while training. However we ask our attendees to bring with them a mask so it can be worn in circumstances where the Queensland Government has suggested when on public transport and where social distancing is not possible.